Den tekniske hjælptjeneste informerer alle kunder om, at på grund af hændelserne i forbindelse med Coronavirus-nødsituationen, kan tekniske foranstaltninger midlertidigt blive forsinket i overensstemmelse med begrænsningerne i overførslerne og lokale regler.

Med hensyn til vores kunders og teknikeres helbred forbereder vi alle værktøjer og aktiviteter, der gør det muligt for os at tage de nødvendige og presserende forholdsregler for maksimal sikkerhed.

Technical services

The Candy technical assistance service offers an efficient, extended network of authorised service centres scattered throughout the country, to guarantee that top quality interventions are carried out by highly qualified staff.

Contact us

If you have a question or need support, Candy Customer Service can give you assistance in case of a malfunction or maintenance of your appliance.


Tel: 70 228229


Before calling be sure to have 16-digit serial number that you find on the product and the purchase date. 

Where to find the serial number

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm

User manuals

Download the appliance instruction manual directly from the site in PDF Format. Select the product line, the name or code of the appliance you are interested in.


Candy appliances automatically come with a 2 years call out, parts and labour guarantee. To see terms and general conditions please consult your warranty certificate.


Candy has a wide range of accessories and spare part for your appliance. Click below to find compatible accessories.


Regular maintenance of your household appliances, using professional products, enables you to extend their life span and effectiveness over time. 
Choose the most appropriate CARE+PROTECT product to care for your household appliances, whatever your needs.